Design Concept

On the 19th of December 2008, the winner of the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Design Competition was announced at Parliament House. The winner of the competition was Super Colossal, now Bennet and Trimble, based in Sydney.

Description of the Concept

Memorial viewed from the median strip of ANZAC Parade
Memorial viewed looking towards Parliament House

The Australian Peacekeeping Memorial has two main elements. The first is a glowing passage of light that is a powerful entry for the Memorial. The passage is between two massive monoliths, raised slightly off the ground in a stone courtyard. They make up a monumental structure that is the right size for Anzac Parade. The pathway between the two polished cubes glows with an intense golden light. This light can evoke the Australian Peacekeepers’ role and their help to local populations. The Memorial with the lit interior has a striking presence on Anzac Parade both by day and night.

Passers by will see just this imposing bulk, relieved by the glow of light.

Walking through the passage

As visitors go deeper into the Memorial they can walk through the passage of light they may be reminded of deep canyons in the Australian outback, with towering walls but the uplifting blue sky above. They may feel the warmth and comfort of the light between the two imposing monoliths.  They then will come to a courtyard, of more intimate size and feel. It is surrounded by Australian trees. Written in the pavement are words evoking the qualities and sacrifice of Australian Peacekeepers. Along the back will be a long horizontal beam recording the many peacekeeping missions in which Australians have served and an inclined plane to receive wreathes and other mementoes. This inner space will be suitable for both formal ceremonies and smaller scale commemoration. It will also be a place of quiet reflection on personal experiences and the significance of Peacekeeping.

The courtyard

Around the wall are bronze fixtures so that visitors may place flowers or candles to remember their relatives and loved ones.