70th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping Week 11-16 September 2017


Over the last decade, a voluntary group of Australian peacekeeping veterans and organisations has been working, under the banner of the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Project (APMP), on a vision to construct a national memorial to commemorate Australian Peacekeeping - past, present and future.

This Memorial will commemorate the significant contribution made " in the service of peace" by over 80,000 Australian peacekeepers – military, police and civilian – to more than 60 United Nations and other international peacekeeping missions since 1947.

This national memorial to Australian Peacekeepers has been developed from the winning design announced by the then Minister for Veterans Affairs in December 2008. The striking design includes a Commemorative Beam that will list all Australian peacekeeping missions. The Commemorative beam sits at the back of a commemorative courtyard that includes sentiments and phrases that describe the characteristics of peacekeeping operations. This courtyard is reached by passing through a centrally lit passage between two six-metre high black monoliths that dominate the entrance from Anzac Parade. The two monoliths represent the two opposing factions and the passage way between the monoliths is lit to reflect the peacekeepers who strive to bring the opposing factions together. Flags, symbols and explanatory plaques within the design explain and identify the contributors and characteristics of Australian peacekeeping - past, present and future.

Thanks to grants from the Australian Government, supplemented by donations from several nations where Australian peacekeepers have served, Australian companies, veteran organisations and individuals, the project has now raised the funds necessary to construct the memorial and construction of the Memorial has commenced at the approved site on Anzac Parade, Canberra

Designer Concept Memorial Construction as at 02 Jun 2017

Plans are now proceeding for the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial to be dedicated by the Governor-General, His Excellency General The Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Ret'd), on Thursday, 14 September 2017. This will be the principle event during a week-long commemoration of the 70thAnniversary of Peacekeeping over the period 11-16 September 2017. This will include a range of events and conferences being held at the Australian War Memorial, on Anzac Parade and other venues around Canberra.

All Australian peacekeepers, veterans, families and supporters are most welcome to attend the Dedication and commemoration on 14 September 2017 and other 70th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping events being held in Canberra in September. Details will be provided through your veteran organisations and the APMP website.

The Australian Peacekeeping Memorial will become a focal point for national parades and remembrance ceremonies in recognition of Australian peacekeeping on appropriate occasions such as UN International Day of Peacekeepers (29th May), Australian Peacekeepers' and Peacemakers' Day (14th September), and United Nations Day (24th October). It will also provide an opportunity for individuals, families and groups to remember, commemorate and reflect on the service of Australian military, police and civilian peacekeepers – past, present and future.

News Stories of the Dedication and Commemoration Ceremony

National peacekeeping memorial, 12 years in the making, opens on Anzac Parade By Adrienne Francis of ABC News Canberra Dated: 14 Sept 2017

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APMP Vision

To create a national memorial that will appropriately honour the sacrifice of Australian Peacekeepers in the service of international peace and security, and recognise the courage and professionalism of Australian Peacekeepers in the face of the particular challenges of their operations. The Memorial will be the focus for recognising the continuing significant contribution by Australians to international peacekeeping.